Sunday, 15 July 2012

On the Use of Old Technology

This is my fourth day without access to my flat, and therefore the fourth day without access to my work on my machines. This has led me to several different realisations about the technology I use:

Dropbox is awesome

While I always knew Dropbox was good, it has really come into its own since I've been here! I was able to dig up my 1999 Vaio laptop from my dad's loft and get it to sync all my files and folders to its home directory as if they were its own. This means that I have all the work I had done before I left, exactly where I expect it to be. Plus, as I edit them and save them, I know they will continue to be updated in the "Cloud" ie Dropbox's servers, and on my machines back at home. A wonderful piece of technology!

No hardware is too old to be useful

The '99 vintage Vaio Z600 I'm typing this on has an old Pentium III processor running at a rather sedentary 650Mhz and 256MB of RAM. Its trackpad and mouse buttons don't work, and its battery lasts a matter of minutes. However, with a few trips up to the loft for more accessories, a bit of Google-Fu, as well as several hours of updating the Lubuntu OS, the apps and my own Dropbox stuff, it is now up and running fine! I'll have to write something on that, maybe others with 'ancient' machines could find something interesting in it, or could suggest something better!

I miss my iMac and its screen

Working with the Vaio and its 12" 1280 x 768 screen really shows the increased productivity that you can have with a larger monitor and the iMac I have at home has a 21.5" screen which gives me plenty of room to work with! The iMac is also much more powerful and I can have many different applications running at once, whereas I am currently running a text editor and a web browser, with any extra programs really slowing the machine down! Everything takes just a little bit longer, which throughout the day takes up a surprising amount of time!

Ah well, fingers crossed I can get back into my flat on Tuesday, and leave this hardware in my dad's loft for another occassion where I am without my keys or any computers!

David x

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